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Apps Dev. Seismic Process & Interpret

Service Introduction

Wisenergy is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovative geophysical software services. The company has always focused on the innovation fusion and development of geophysical algorithms and IT information technology. It is the first technology innovation in the geophysical exploration industry to develop a massive seismic data processing software platform based on the Hadoop Big Data system. Through long-term research and practice, the company has leading technology advantages and strong accumulations in advanced information technology application, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. At the same time, we have a professional geophysical software development and service team, which can provide a complete geophysical software development and technical solutions for the industry customers.


Service Contents 

With strong accumulations of Big Data technology, technical innovation of Artificial Intelligence in geophysical exploration application, and cloud technology application in the geophysical development, Wisenergy can provide complete and customized solutions for geophysical industry customers.

1. Artificial Intelligence applications

Based on distributed machine learning framework and Big Data technology, Artificial Intelligence application products for geophysical business are developed through long-term research and accumulation in intelligent exploration system.

2. Geophysical algorithm acceleration

Big Data technology is used to speed up geophysical algorithm modules directly, which can greatly improve computing efficiency.

3. Geophysical algorithm in-depth optimization

By Analyzing algorithm's characteristics in depth, suitable big data technology architecture is customized to improve computing efficiency, running stability and big data processing ability.

4. Software customization

Customize and develop software for customers based on big data and related technologies, for example, big data management and mining of historical data, real-time analysis of oilfield production data, and so on.

5. Cloud services

Based on Openstack and Docker technology, Wisenergy provides one-stop software development and integrated application cloud services for geophysical industry customers. According to customer's requirements on resource management and information security, Wisenergy provides a flexible solution for public cloud, private cloud and cluster application mode.


Customer Values

With leading technical advantages, successful experiences in geophysical software development and mature enterprise service mode, Wisenergy helps customers to realize a variety of enterprise values.

1. Help customers to achieve innovative integration of advanced information technology and geophysical software applications, break through traditional technical limitations and bottlenecks, solve customer's pain points, enhance core competitiveness of products and open up a new market.

2. Use Big Data technology to optimize algorithm in depth, to greatly improve computing efficiency and big data processing ability, and surpass the similar commercial software.

3. With advanced big data software platform technology, provide complete data management, job scheduling, resource management, graphics components and other platform supports. According to customer's requirements, implement commercialization of application products.

4. Based on mature and standard software service standards, focus on the customer's core requirements, realize rapid formation of R & D, test and technical support team, and effectively reduce enterprise time and management cost.

Service Introduction

Wisenergy owns the technology for integrated seismic data processing and interpretation, which is the world technology leader. We can provide seismic data processing, interpretation and the integration solution for oil companies.

Service Contents

Our processing and interpretation service can provide integrative solution facing 2D/3D seismic data processing and interpretation, mainly include the contents following:

1. Quality evaluation and field processing of raw data;

2. Seismic data processing for high resolution, high S/N ration and high fidelity, unified seismic data processing, prestack time/depth migration processing (RTM, GBM et al,);

3. Prestack data processing and analysis for interpretation, multi-wave and multi-component processing and interpretation, high resolution analysis for oil and gas reservoirs exploration, fine seismic interpretation, seismic inversion, prediction and evaluation of reservoirs, prediction of fracture and geological modeling.


Customer Value

Through take advantage of its technology superiority, Wisenergy can provide professional service for customers in order to achieve the follow values:

1. Based on the foremost geophysical innovative technology, we can solve the problems brought by complicate technology for customers, achieve exploration core productivity, efficiently promote the competitiveness for customers, and increase economic efficiency.

2. provide one-stop service for oil exploration, help customers make accuracy decisions, continuing create value for customers.