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Software Eng. Mgt.

Service Introduction

As a leader enterprise in the software engineering management area, Wisenergy has rich experience in managing projects normalized, operating projects high efficiently, making the cost of projects transparently, and sharing the knowledge of informationization. Based on the principle of win-win, we provide professional software management consulting service for customers, which include contents like helping the customers optimize the management procedure and structure of the projects management.

Service Contents

The software engineering management consulting service (SEMCS) can help customers optimize the procedures of software management, software development, and inspection of projects quality, the mainly contents as follow: 

1.       Identify and organize the present procedure of SEMCS, which includes the situation of rules making and operation, the responsibility, the procedure of building, and the daily training;

2.       Optimize the procedure of SMECS, which contain handling the vision of enterprises, analyzing the problems about present procedures, designing the optimization of procedure, and designing the procedure according to the requirements;

3.       Implement software engineering procedure E-formalization according to the requirement for customers;

4.       Build a process file management system with combining the rules, procedures of software engineering, management system and performance;

5.       Ensure the implementation.

Customer Value

  With the plenty years of experience, Wisenergy has a clear process rule frame, can provide consulting service correlated to software engineering management building for those enterprises which demand to have project management mode, provide management consulting for those enterprises which hope to improve the working efficiency through project management mode. Through our professional consulting service, the customers can be satisfied with the expectation effects, and create the values bellow:

1.       Improve the quality of projects, and reduce the cost of projects;

2.       Form normalized and standardized operation of projects, and improve the operation efficiency;

3.       Improve the knowledge and configuration management system, and deposit enterprise management experience and technology;

4.       Promote projects supervising effects, and solve the management problems;

5.       Maximum the share resource for those enterprise which are regimented;

6.       Optimize the risk assessment mechanism and system, and reduce the projects risk.