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Big Data

Service Introduction


As a rising star in IT industry, Wisenergy insist on technology innovation, and devote itself to R&D big data technology. The big data service, which we provide, adopts Hadoop 2.6.0 which is part of Apache open source project as the basic architecture, extensional distributed file system (HDFS2), YARN resource management and task scheduling system, and integrates multiple parallel frame like MapReduce2 and Spark. Through the resource monitoring of Ganglia and cluster management of ZooKeeper, Sahara applied Hadoop cluster as cloud.

Service Contents


According to the different individual requirements proposed by different customers which are from different industry, big data service provide special solution for data analysis, digging and processing, so as to help the customers improve their service quality and expand the market. Our service mainly contains bellowing:

1.  Based on the peculiarities of different industry, we customize the three-tier architecture of Hadoop which include file system, resource management and parallel frame in order to satisfy the demand of customer.

2.  Above the three-tier architecture, according to the individualities of customers, and with utilizing the up tier open source project, we can customize integrative big data analysis and data digging in order to support more type of requirements.

Customer Value

The big data service team of Wisenergy devote themselves on Hadoop research, exploration and innovation for many year, they can help customers to achieve bellow values:

1.  Based on the Hadoop basic frame, support the oil-gas exploration and production service;

2.  Implement high efficiently large data management, full parallel processing and ultimate user experience;

3.  According to the requirement of customized big data architecture, improve the service quality, accelerate the pace of innovation, and expand the market.