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Seismic Processing

Product Background

Geophysical data processing software, which is an important carrier for geophysical technology and is also the embodiment, works as an extreme important role in oil-gas exploration area. In recent years, due to the improvement of geophysical technology and the development of the IT techniques, especially under the condition that the big data and massive computing had challenged the tradition software architecture and parallel computing techniques, the geophysical data processing software platform has been demanded to be updated in order to confront these new challenges.

 As an extreme large petroleum chemical enterprise in our country, SINOPEC urgent needs to develop an integrate application software platform for oil exploration and production in considering the national energy security and the technical requirement of oil-gas exploration and production. In order to support the developing of oil-gas exploration and production technology for SINOPEC, this software platform was required to work as technology development and integration platform in oil-gas exploration and production areas, such as exploration and production data processing, data analysis, comprehensive interpretation, reservoir description and dynamic management of reservoir. On the other hand, according to the market share of SINOPEC expanding and the international competition intensified, the only way to catch up with or surpass the competitors and expand market share in the industry is to break away from the monopoly of foreign companies on blockade of new technology, strengthen the competing advantage in the oil-gas industry and form self-developed national software brand at last.

The R&D of the seismic data processing software platform is the first stage of the large geophysical software developing project. Depending on the technology superiority and plentiful experience in software platform developing, Wisenergy was authorized by SINOPEC to participate in this project as a collaborator. We build the seismic data processing software platform to be the first full parallel platform which implemented the Hadoop distributed large data management, and became an epoch-making product.


Product Objectives

The objectives of this project are to build an open seismic data processing platform which is based on future-oriented business requirements, also to implement several new features like large data fast access and heterogeneous parallel computing framework, to support integrated management and application of exploration and production data, and to provide advance IDE for geophysical APPs.

  This platform should support seismic data processing procedures, such as conventional seismic exploration and high-density seismic exploration, and can satisfy the application requirements in different situations and on different levels. The capability of high efficient management of different type data which are related to seismic data makes the data access performance of this platform reach to the international advance level, which means it can management over 100TB seismic exploration project data. The data interaction between ours and other popular geophysical software had been implemented very well, and our platform has adopted multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing framework, which make it has massive parallel computing power and extreme expandability.



Through the cooperation of various partners, the objectives of the first stage and second stage have been achieved, and the achievements have been approved. We have built a professional geophysical platform, which is consisted of high-efficient data management platform, professional seismic integrative graphic platform, seismic data processing workflow engine, seismic data processing oriented parallel framework and other basic service system. π-Frame has integrated plenty batch processing and interactive processing modules, implemented massive seismic data I/O efficiently and processing modules full parallel, and have the capability to support the entire seismic data processing procedure.

From the perspective of product and based on satisfying the requirement of the professional features, π-Frame has good user experience with considering users’ habits and applying scene. In the meantime, the first stage and second stage of project had applied strictly quality control, and the test results revealed that the performance of massive data throughput and conventional seismic computing had exceeded other popular seismic data processing software system.


With the idea of building a geophysical exploration software ecosystem, we adopted an open software technology to build an open platform system based on the seismic processing and interpretation platform, developed an application software development kit (SDK) and an application integration environment (IDE),for seismic processing and interpretation. We have built an open geophysical software community and developed a series of management tools for cloud services such as user management, application market, and resource management. Based on the services and support capabilities of cloud computing and professional applications, we have preliminarily constructed an geophysical exploration software ecosystem that can widely apply global research resources, is easy to apply to earthquake applications, and meets the needs of open and shared development.


Product Perspective

The third phase of the project is under construction. Further enhancing the professional competitiveness of seismic software platforms, combining intelligent artificial innovation technologies to create intelligent professional software platforms, and building a complete, efficient, stable, healthy, and viable geophysical software ecosystem environment are important future development directions.