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Product Background

Well logging is a significant segment for oil-gas exploration and production procedure, and is also an important approach to detect, identify and evaluate the reservoir and to supervise the reservoir performance. The processing and interpretation quality of log data will influence the accuracy of interpretation, and it also will be correlated to the success rate of oil exploration and product benefit. According to the MIIT recently required, informationized technology will be the critical support for oil-gas industry. Logging industry, which is a part of oil industry, also need the support of informationization for developing. Due to the implementation of development strategy of globalization, the well logging business of SINOPEC started to go out of China, which requires well logging interpretation software system can support its strategy. Most of logging processing and interpretation software owned by SINOPEC now just can do single well processing, which means they can’t make fully use of seismic and geological data. Most of them can’t meet the demand of multi-OS either, whereas there are more and more machines types emerged. In order to promote the processing and interpretation ability of SINOPEC, it’s necessary to develop an integrative processing and interpretation platform which integrates with seismic and geology, and can support cross-platform too.


Product Objectives

Depending on the Seismic data processing platform and preparing for the new generation of computer, we optimized the demand analysis and abstract design for the new platform, and we finally got a integrative platform which can satisfy the requirements of exploration and engineering.



Our product is still being developed. It can support multiple type logging data import and export, and can provide figures, such as log view, cross-plot and contour diagram. The platform can support the integrated secondary development of different of conventional processing models. The originality of this platform is that it applied workflow in running and management.