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This  privacy policy applies to your visit to the official website of Wisenergy and related activities, but does not apply to  the third party websites. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy before provide information  to these third-party sites. Wisenergy does not assume any responsibility or liability.

Wisenergy will process personal data and information when you visit our website in accordance with the following manner.

If you read or download information when you visit Web sites, such as news, product information or articles:

We  will collect, process or transmit personal data about you the  following: You connect to the network name, the date and time you access  our site, and your link to our website website URL. We may use this information, so that we can monitor the views of  different sections of the site and to improve the performance of our  website.

If you visit any of the Wisenergy website to submit personal information:
If you submit any personal information to Wisenergy website,  it means you  authorize Wisenergy to process and delivery (cross-border  if necessary) this information. Wisenergy will ensure that your personal information in a manner consistent with the privacy policy processing and will not sell  personal information to third parties.

Wisenergy is not liable for any damage or injury due to access Wisenergy website. Wisenergy will not pay for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential  nature, punitive, special or other damage or loss.  This limitation includes damages that may affect your computer equipment or any virus.

Your access and use Wisenergy website as well as  information contained in the official website of the People's Republic  of China are subject to the laws and interpretation.

Privacy Policy Updates:
Wisenergy can be updated at any time its privacy policy. If  we make significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will publish  announcements and the updated privacy policy on its website.